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focuspang ai 3.0

Simplicity for Teachers: Effortless In-person Classroom Orchestration Service,
Wellbeing for Students: Attention, Learning, and Mental Wellness

  • Enhance Student Concentration in Real-Time with Screen Sharing and Eye Tracking on FocusTime
  • Seamless Collaboration Across Windows, Android, Chromebook, and Whalebook
  • No More User IDs or Passwords with Student Edition
  • Selective and Dynamic Dashboard for Tailored Experience [YouTube]
  • Upcoming: Streaming Support from Next Year. [YouTube]

  • How to Get Started?


    Is your child struggling to stay focused in class?

    No need to worry; it's no longer a challenge. Discover the effectiveness of the FocusTime screen sharing feature with focuspang AI 3.0. When the teacher shares their screen, students will exclusively see the shared content. Additionally, to gauge students' attention and concentration, we provide feedback using eye trackers. Displaying this information on an electronic whiteboard or TV eliminates the need for constant reminders to focus on the lesson. Moreover, you gain the capability to track and review students' attention history through a dashboard chart.
    Discover the simplicity and convenience of the FocusTime for live classes!

    Dr. Simon: Enhancing Focus, Learning, and Mental Well-being in Youth

    Dr. Simon is an AI-driven mental assessment service dedicated to the continuous evaluation of children and adolescents' attention, learning, and mental wellness. It employs digital phenotypic AI, analyzing both interactive and passive sensor data from smart devices. Dr. Simon automatically processes this information, delivering results and feedback based on our team's advanced Ruby-GPT AI.

    Major Collabortors

  • Education AI Research Center at Seoul National University
  • Computer Science and Engineering at Seoul National University
  • Psychiatry Department at Seoul National University Hospital
  • Department of Education at Seoul National University
  • School of Psychology at Korea University
  • Seoul Metropolitan Office of Education
  • AI Innovation Hub, IITP, Minister of Science and ICT, Korea
  • AI Yangje Hub, SBA, Seoul Metropolitan Office
  • Samsung
  • KT Cloud
  • NIE, Singapore
  • NIER, Japan

    Major Features

    focuspang ai supports Android, Google Chromebook, MS Windows, and Naver Whalebook. We are working on adding support for iPad as well.

    focuspang ai offers the same user interface (UI) across all operating systems and devices.

    No More User IDs or Passwords with Student Edition, so they don't ask you to find it for them.

    Students using personal devices only need to sign in with their student number and name the first time they sign in. However, if they're using a public computer, they can sign out.

    Effortless Classroom Control with a Single Click

    Teachers gain power to easily permit or restrict student access to apps and websites, including YouTube, with a single click; Android cameras and recording devices now manageable in a snap.

    Uninterrupted Accessibility: Our Cloud-Based SaaS Solution Ensures Continuous Access with an Available Internet Connection

    Whether utilizing Wi-Fi, a hotspot, or a LAN cable, teachers can effortlessly operate without the necessity to install, manage, or handle servers or hardware, as long as there is an internet connection.

    Exploring the Inner World of Students

    Dr. Simon will share insights on student attention, learning outcomes, and mental well-being.

    Automatic Student Attendance Tracking Coming Soon!

    Starting soon, students' attendance and punctuality will be automatically logged and reported to their teacher every day as they arrive at school. (beta)

    Instant Classroom Insight: Automatic Streaming Display of All Students' Work Screens Upon Class Commencement Allows Real-Time Monitoring.

    Our tool will have a cool feature! You can see what's happening right away and get feedback in real-time. This will be like streaming a video, and it's all starting this winter.

    Collaborating in Small Groups, No Need to Sit Side by Side in the Classroom

    No need to reorganize team seating arrangements. With TEAM PROJECTS, students can work together on projects by sharing screens among team members.

    Wrap Up the Class with a Quick Quiz to Check Understanding

    Quizpang is perfect for engaging quiz battles among students – it's simple and fun! Sooner or later, the community tab will be added to enable teachers to share quizzes and questions with each other.

    Monitoring Smart Device Usage Beyond School Hours

    Effectively overseeing the overall usage of smart devices during break time, lunchtime, and other non-class hours, even at home after school.