How to Get Started

Step 1: Application Form Submission

  • The applicant who submit the application must be a full-time teacher at his or her school.
  • After reviewing your application, we will send you the administrator account details for your school via email.
  • The administrator has the authority to directly issue, suspend, and delete accounts for other teachers.

Step 2: Admins Manage Teacher Accounts

  • Admins can create teacher accounts and appoint additional teachers as administrators.
  • Admins are not responsible for creating or managing classes.
  • As students do not require user IDs and passwords, managing these credentials is unnecessary.
  • Refer to Admin's Guide

Step 3: Teachers' Consent for Collection and Use of Personal Information

  • Each teacher should fill out the consent form.
  • Automatically generated Google Sheets will be sent to school adminz, continuously updating in real-time.
  • Teachers can begin their focuspang classes by accessing

Step 4: Students' and Legal Guardians' Consent for Collection and Use of Personal Information

  • Students in Seoul schools are not required to complete the form if they have already done so while receiving their devices from the school.
  • In other cases, each respective school is responsible for obtaining consent for the use and provision of personal information from students/legal guardians.
  • The student's consent remains valid only during their enrollment.
  • We're providing a consent management sheet for each school, enabling administrators to effectively monitor it.

Step 5: Installation and Setup